Tmnt Boyfriend Scenarios When Your Sad

Tmnt Leo Tmnt Mikey Ninga Turtles Tmnt Comics Tmnt 2012 Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Don't Care Laughing This was based on a quote I saw on pinterest that said "You are what you wear. This is it! The last book i'm writing up here for TMNT is the last season complete. Posts about TMNT written by zariusii. Warm Blooded (TMNT, Raph X Reader) It was your usual, chilly, wintery morning in New York City. I write about you and your favorite turtle, with cute, sad, aggravating, and fluffy chapters. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. In return, he comfortingly stroked down your hair, bringing you a bit of peace. Read When You First Meet from the story TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by TMNT221BHobbit (Megatron) with 47,106 reads. romance, teenagemutantninjaturtles, boyfriendscenarios. Read When your sad : Leonardo from the story 'Unique Couples' - TMNT boyfriend scenarios by SirFlabsAlot98 (Abi_p_98) with 3,151 reads. com/playlist?list=PLA8itan-O-KciTTXi4vYGY7hmKGmVAHqA Make sure to Subscribe and Turn. TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios - Megatron - Wattpad. Fanfiction. leonardo, mikey, boyfriend. This Pin was discovered by Avila Turner. Prompt? The reader has known the turtles for a few months and before she knows it, she's grown extremely close to Raph and whenever he's furious or upset she finds herself sitting on his bed listening to every rant he ever has to get off his chest. TMNT 2012 - Leo Sad Pictures - Duration: 2:38. Aquí encontraras imágenes y mini- comics encontrandos en el internet y traduciendo al español por su servidora. I remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the hospital everyday. TMNT 2012 - Leo Sad Pictures - Duration: 2:38. Read TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios If you're into the boyfriend scenarios for the turtles, I've got my own story for you to look at. mikey, donnie, ninjaturtles. to the what they're dealing with now A sad slightly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - All Media. TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios When your sad/Cuddles. How the turtles would react to accidentally hitting you: Raphael. 1 You were on your way back from your run on Central Park when all of a sudden you hear footsteps coming from behind you. He stays there in silent, tears rolling down his face, he cant mediate without you and he can hardly do anything without you, He sometimes watched you when you were in your room, you were either drawing, drawing or watching space hero's and that's when he realized he really did need you and hes going to do anything to get his princess back. Read When You're Sad from the story TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by TMNT221BHobbit (Megatron) with 15,228 reads. Your (E/C) eyes met his teal ones just as he swung a jacket around your shoulders, then moved away, leaving you stunned. In hindsight, this hadn’t been your wisest of decisions made recently; you should have known better than to irritate Raphael while he was already in a bad mood. its just a random video i don't own anything i saw a version of donnie so put one of with Leo. TMNT New Animated Adventures. You're breathtaking and I've never loved anyone as much as I love you. The other 3 turtles pulled Mikey off of you since he wouldn't let go and they also hugged you as well, soon Splinter was in front of you, he smiled and cupped your face and kissed your lips softly. love, teenagemutantninjaturtles, tmnt. I love every turtle but my fave is Leo. Don't ever mess with my Brothe. You walk into th. <